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Common challenges in an Organization

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Who owns and Manages Telecom in any organization? Telecom Managers, Telecom/IT, Voice Communications Directors, IT/IS Managers, Telecom/IT Analysts, Telecom/IT Specialists and anyone is responsible for managing a telecom envionment seeking to increase efficiency.
In most organizations the typical challenges are addressed in an insufficient manner, which lead to overpayment, leakages, inefficiency.

Importance of Telecom & IT Inventory in an Organization

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Is your department challenged to keep up with ongoing Moves [Shifting], Adds [Procurement], Changes & Disconnects (MACDs)? For many organizations, the constant activity around service changes encompasses a variety of technical, financial and operational activities.

The development of an inventory is the foundational concept of telecom environment management. The biggest challenge is often knowing how and where to begin.

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It is vital for organizations to create a foundation for managing their telecom environment using an inventory to track what they have, where it's located, how much it's costing them, and if it's in alignment with vendor contracts.

Telecom Expense Management in detail

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A large number of companies don’t know their annual telecom expenses, according to a white paper published by a leading research firm. Telecom expenses are among the top five corporate spend categories. The average Fortune 500 company spends over $116 million per year on telecom services.

The report –Telecom & Wireless Cost Control: What You Need to Know – shows the importance of leveraging intelligent management tactics to identify and address cost savings opportunities.

Most of the lists of connections, users, locations, spend and vendor contracts are in excel sheets and floating around in email across organization locations and in inboxes of changing admin/telecom/finance managers.

Implications of Wireless Mobility Management

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Mobile devices and technologies are proliferating in the enterprise, with mobile expenses growing twice as fast as the rest of the telecom expense management (TEM) market. In addition, the consumerization of IT is ushering in new trends, such as "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD), multiplying the telecom management and security challenges facing enterprises.

Solutions to the above Challenges - ExpenseBuzz Telecom Value Management Platform

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