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The next big thing in Telecom Value Management, the ExpenseBuzz app, is being made with full steam.

We've completed most modules and are currently ironing out any bugs.
We should be online within the next few weeks. Meanwhile, hang on to your company’s balance sheets!

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Manage a virtually unlimited amount of spend

Spend Management

File unlimited audit, invoice or inventory disputes and track them to closure

Dispute Management

Unfettered access to all standard reports, dashlets and dashboard features

Report & Dashboard

Map all your organization locations and sites, without any restrictions

Location & Sites

Manage and track unlimited amount of moves, adds, changes and disconnects with your vendors

Order Management

Based on the number of users you have, assign them to any groups

User & Groups Management

Manage unlimited number of telecom & IT service providers, right from the EPABX maintenance vendor, to the bulk sms provider.

Vendor Management

Raise and track to closure uncurbed number of faults to reduce downtime across your fixed, wireless or bandwidth environment

Fault Management

Set, reset apply or deny applicable user permissions to the app

Access Permissions

Process unlimited amount of invoices every month or whatever frequency you set for, regardless of the volume or amount of each invoice

Invoice Management

Manage unlimited accounts and relationship IDss across all your different inventory items for any given vendor

Account Management

All the tabular grids across the application have export to excel and pdf feature, so export and keep backing it up, inside or outside the app

Expots & Backup

Manage as many contracts, plans, tariffs, and deals as you want for all your telecom and IT assets and subscriptions

Contract Management

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Contact Management

All our plans come with SSL security, allows only encrypted high-grade secured access to your data

SSL Security

Create and Manage an unlimited number of departments of your organization’s functions, like sales, purchase, etc and chargeback the spend allocation accordingly


Create and map unlimited number of Profit centers and cost centers per your organization’s unique codes

AP/GL Codes
Finance teams can set up and manage unlimited amount of Accounts Payable and General ledger codes under which to allocate spend

Cost Code AP/GL

All customization features available for every plan, like organization logo, profile setup, and other business and organization settings.

With we converted our communications department from Cost Center" to Profit center... and finally to Competitive Advantage
-Area Director, Marriott India

Your Telecom Expense Management program, although took a bit longer than usual, fulfilled its promised of Cost Reduction; to put it in perspective you gave us a Savings of 38% with an ROI of 233% in wired line category is commendable.

I've recommended your services to some of my contacts who can avail advantage of the systematic method of reducing spend, through your software and domain experts, and also to evaluate various confusing offers from telecom service providers.

Mr. Neeraj Goel, Vice President,
Oberoi Hotels, Finance [West]


  • How do you define an Inventory
    • Inventory: one unit of a telecom service inventory is defined as either one
        • subscriber id
        • circuit id
        • directory number
        • sub-account number
        • line item
        • connection
        • asset
        • wireless handset, device
        • customer premise equipment
      Every account plan comes with a fixed number of maximum allowable inventory items as shown in the pricing table.
  • What is an Account in corporate telecom parlance?
    • A typical corporate telecom connection belongs to one Account Number. Alternatively, an account number or Relationship Number constitutes one or more inventory items from a given telecom vendor. Account number can be known as either
        • one parent account number
        • one master account
        • one corporate id
        • one relationship id
        • one relationship number
      Unlimited telecom service provider accounts belonging to your company can be managed in any given plan.
  • What if I cross my storage limit?
    • Items counted towards the storage quota in the app are typically everything that you attach or input. When you are nearing your storage capacity, you shall be alerted by notification or email that you are about to exhaust your storage limit. Do not worry, nothing would be deleted from your account. Once you bypass the limit, the application will not allow you to store further data into your account until you upgrade.
  • How can I upgrade my Storage limit?
    • You can add more storage to your account in multiple of a GB. The minimum storage upgrade you can purchase is 1GB and the maximum is 100 GB from your account. The option to add more storage is included under Application Settings. Contact us in case of questions or if you need even more storage.
  • How can I add more application users?
    • You can add more more users to your account for a flat fee per month as mentioned in the pricing table. The option to add more application users is available right from your account itself. It is located under the Application Settings.
  • What forms of payment method you accept?
    • We currently accept online payments securely through Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB® and PayPal™ you may contact our customer support team and we can arrange to accept the mode of payment method suitable to you like a demand draft, cheque or a direct transfer to bank account.
  • Do I need to download anything?
    • is a web-based application. It runs totally on the browser, with nothing to download, nothing to install, no hardware to purchase. You only need a modern browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari and an active Internet connection.
  • What you mean by unlimited as you noted above?
    • ExpenseBuzz comes from a background of cost management, and believes in a pricing which is fully focused around your organization's initiatives to reduce and control costs. Apart from the number of inventory items which we’ve taken as a value parameter after a lot of research and feedback from our clients, we're charging our clients nothing more to full fledgedly use ExpenseBuzz. [Of course, number of users and storage are a commodity these days and we do not want to create restrictions or complications in each slab by limiting your ability to add more users or storage]
  • How can you afford to give most of the features as unrestricted, unlimited in any given pricing plan?
    • We do not intend to restrict or impede your capacity in totally exploiting all the benefits of Telecom Invoice Processing, Telecom Inventory Management or Wireless Mobility Management processes, regardless of your size of your organization. And since this is a Telecom Value Management application, the rest of the parameters are available to you to use, input, retrieve and manage without any limitations.

      Unlike in many other SaaS applications which reveal more features as you go higher up in the plan, we’ve decided for a uniform, flat pricing structure where all the above features as mentioned, like say, the reports, locations, telecom orders, contacts, contracts, tariffs, vendors, employees, disputes, features like export, etc are fully available in any of the slabs for an unlimited quantity in the app. We believe in a honest and fair pricing that adds value.
  • How safe & secure is my data?
    • The company Intellibuzz, behind this product, is a mark of trust and enjoys great level of credibility amongst its clients and stakeholders. is loaded with security features and works on the worlds advanced cloud architecture and robust infrastructure. Be it 256-bit military-grade SSL encryption when you sign up for an account, or the detailed granular access levels you set up in your organization yourself, we left no holes barred. Also, it is certified by eTruste, a mark of reliability for online websites.

      Moreover, your data is yours, all the tabular grids and reports are fully exportable to a spreadsheet and PDF as a back up to a desktop file.
  • By the way, how much cost, if at all, will ExpenseBuzz really save for my organization?
    • No application or system in the world can automatically shrink your expense at the press of a button. However, we’ve tens of clients, ranging from SME/SMB to big corporates and huge enterprises who are availing our Telecom Expense Management services. For these clients we’ve used ExpenseBuzz as an internal platform and along with our services, this has resulted in a typical savings of anywhere between 22% and 59% in a given inventory type.

      The savings depend not just on your industry type and specific telecom environment, but also on the manner in which you integrate the inventory management and invoice processes in your company using ExpenseBuzz.

      Moreover, according to several research reports by Gartner, Abardeen, AOTMP, etc, using a Telecom Inventory Management application to centrally organize and map an organization’s ever-changing telecom inventory, alone reduces spend of up to 47%. Top it up with the Telecom Invoice Processing feature and Wireless Mobility Management module, all included in the ExpenseBuzz, there are immense changes for identifying savings opportunities.

      From our experience, we're very sure that you would get true value from our Telecom Value Management platform that goes beyond just cost savings, and delves into financial and operational efficiency across your organization.
  • Can I share my own savings results to you?
    • We are always looking out for more case studies and scenarios where ExpenseBuzz has been helpful to you in your organization, not just for cost savings, but even for efficiency gains process improvements, centralization benefits, etc. Do write to us and we’d be pleased to feature it on our social engagement pages.
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