Telecom Inventory, Invoice, Payment & Refunds - All Centralized!

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Dashboard of your Expenses, Inventory, Payments & More

Productivity for your Telecom, IT Team and Savings for the Company

Take informed decisions, based on a central glance of all aspects of your company’s communications spend. Not only know where your money goes, but also determine where it should be going.


Lets you customize your view according to the kind of glimpses you need foremost on a daily basis. That, combined with the Spend Trend history and Global inventory map, puts you at the forefront of not just controlling your recurring communication costs, but also empowering your team to cut it.

Alerts & Notifications

Get alerted on payment due date, contract expiry and other telecom functions while you track that new order you placed with your vendor, the status of the shifting or even if its just a small change in your telecom estate.

Actionable, Insightful Telecom Reports

Budget wise savings off the spend-trend

Global Wisdom

What really stands out in the app is what it gives back to you. These are not kinds you get from your on-premise, single-location MIS babble generated from your call-accounting software. reports are on a global scale, showing Spend Trend, location wise, vendor wise, cost-code and department wise spend for all your telecom assets and inventories.

Exportable Graphs, Charts

Not only are the reports pictorial, tabular and give you one-level drill down, but they all are exportable to MS Excel format for further custom deep down analysis.

Richly presentable to senior management for budgeting, these reports state that there has been an informed decision-making process and that the procurement, telecom, network, admin and finance team are working as a single coherent team.

Global Telecom Inventory - Centralized

Derive Value from your telecom services, wireless assets

Efficiently build and organize an entire telecom environment on a high level, detail a breakdown of all aspects within it assets and subscriptions, across your locations--centrally from anywhere.

Centralized Command Center

Inventory Centralization provides great high level and detailed level visibility of the telecom inventory across locations/departments/users/vendors and other parameters important to your organization. Be it a mobile handset you have allocated to a departing employee, an expiring subscription or a dormant redundant line, every inventory is tracked for you.

Single Version of Truth, Dump the spreadsheet

No longer wasting administration team's productive hours emailing around disparate spreadsheets containing list of unverified phone numbers, stale account numbers, old dates, etc. A central inventory repository ensures that the information is always accurate & up-to-date--even if the telecom managers change--across departments, locations or functions.

Vendors, Contracts & Devices

Managing your telecom service providers, their relationship managers at various locations, keeping track your telecom service contracts & its associated tariff plans, pricing terms, conditions will be as easy and trouble-free as you always wanted them to be.

Wireless Mobility Management

Wireless Mobility Management feature allows you to assign devices to employees, be it cell phone, data card, laptop or just a plain direct DID extension. For the HR department, its a boon, because not just the employees can be cross referenced with departments, locations and codes, rotation of SIM cards, and other devices is very easy to manage.

Rationalize, Consolidate, Shrink

Identification of inventory alone has shown to effectively control and shrink the spend for fixed and mobile telecom assets and services by up to 47%. Plus you can now Negotiate stronger favourable contract terms and conditions with your vendor while procuring that new bunch of connections, as the market floor rate plans and your past tariffs are available in a snap.

Order Confidently, Track Assuredly

Shift, Add, Change your Telecom lines systematically

Shuffle & Juggle Connections like a pro

Telecom connections are bound to be added, removed, changed or moved around as per the the dynamically changing needs of your organization. ExpenseBuzz helps you to not just place the respective telecom change orders with your telecom service provider at any given location and track it, but also track the closure of each removal, change or disconnection.

Catch, Track, Close - all from the app

A central place to track, escalate and chase to closure various telecom activities. Dash off an email to that vendor account manager from the app itself, or have your teammate escalate the issue immediately with the readily available case details. And with comments and notes stuck to each case by your teammates, it's not just social its focal too.

Reduce Downtime

Raise faults on that slow performing internet line, or escalate closure on the disconnected mobile, all from within the app. Tracking reference number allows you to delegate the follow up to your team members, to assure you of the peace that comes with the smooth humming sound of fibre. Smooth business operations, unhindered 24/7 connectivity to telephone lines, mobile connections.

Downtime is reduced to its lowest, faults are closed faster, and your office is set up to perform at the best, at all times.

Pay Timely, Negotiate Favorably

ExpenseBuzz reminds you of your upcoming due dates on all your invoices --well in advance-- so that you not only pay the vendor invoices timely and avoid late payment, but also ensure continued operation of the telecom infrastructure, which is so critical to your business. Now this is what the senior management sometimes call 'Operational Excellence'

Sourcing, Procurement & Contract Management

The alert and notification is not just limited to the invoices, it also extends to the contracts you have entered into with your telecom service provider. The history feature allows you to quickly glance the past updation on the contract, and gain a firmer standing while negotiating the renewals. Contract renewals can be optimal, savings can be maximised, and procurement is done the right way.

Timely Alerts for Accurate Payments

No worry of missing due dates for paying vendor invoices. Coupled with invoice processing feature, get timely reminders on your emails to avoid disconnection of mobiles and phone lines.

Process invoices - From Procurement to Payment

Validate, Verify, Approve your Spend


If centralized Inventory Management is the heart of the app, centralized Invoice Processing can easily be called the mind of the app. Process all your telecom accounts, subscriptions, maintenance contracts, and their corresponding regular invoices/bills by a workflow - from entry, to review to remittance.


No more blind approving of the charges in that complex bills, ExpenseBuzz helps you to file each charge in its own category, be it monthly recurring charge or a fixed one-time discount. For most all telecom inventory types [more added every month], has the proper process to verify the charges against the contractual elements and then approve or reject the charges.


Fill up a simple spreadsheet and automatically import the list of invoices into the app. It builds the invoices, maps to the inventory quickly. This saves time, saves effort and promotes centralization. It doesn’t stop there. Do we call this as Operational Efficiency? Read on to see how ExpenseBuzz delivers real Financial Efficiency.

Audit & Dispute Management

Telecom Refunds & Recoveries

What happens after you detect the discrepancy in the telecom invoice? ExpenseBuzz allows you to flag it to your vendor right from within the app. Dash of the email to the service provider dispute resolution team, along with the contract, invoice and any other attachments, and track it to closure. Have your team track, comment and follow up for the credits and adjustments due.

Reconcile & Batch Payment

Reconcile your spend, generate a batch payment, audit your spend, log your check, online or cash payments, and have an up-to-date view of your recoveries - partial or full. Pay accurately, recover quickly.

Telecom Refunds & Recoveries

Savings, when contributed to by Refunds & Recoveries, is what we call Financial Efficiency. And when this is combined with Operational Efficiency, the smart organization is on its way to Excellence.

Customize your Application and Business Settings

Works with your organization, for your team

ExpenseBuzz allows you to set up the app the way you work, the way your team functions and aligns itself to manners of your the organization.

Collaborate Securely

Invite app users, administrators, reviewers and securely assign them fine-grained access privileges to ensure the data is not only safe and secure but also your team members are social and productive when they put comments, process invoices or optimize expenses.

Make to Order

Configure the time, date, currency formats per your needs. White-label the application by uploading your company logo, and change the appearance color for a more personalized touch.

Safe, Secure, Protected

Your Data is Yours is loaded with security features and works on the worlds advanced cloud architecture and robust infrastructure. Be it SSL encryption when you sign up for an account, or the detailed granular access levels you set up in your organization yourself, we left no holes barred. It has also been certified by TRUSTe, a stamp of safety privacy and compliance. Moreover, an array of controls implemented within our app further ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data.

Private, Compliant and Trusted

The cloud on which our app run, comply with key industry standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2005, for security and reliability. They are managed, monitored, and administered by Microsoft operations staff that have years of experience in delivering the world’s largest online services with 24 x 7 continuity.

Because we know, companies choose to do business with companies they trust.

No Reason to Ignore Savings - Both ways

SaaS Subscription & Cloud Benefits

  • High Adoption
  • IT budget costs consistent or lower than packaged, homegrown software
  • Painless Upgrades ensures you use every new feature automatically
  • Lower Initial Costs
  • Scale fast per your organization’s changing needs - top up extra users or storage size

Telecom Management on the Cloud

A new way to manage your telecom estate--on your finger tips

Anywhere Connectivity

Just log on to ExpenseBuzz and you’ll have instant access to all the elements of your entire telecom environment you need, whether you're on your laptop at a factory, retail store, branch office, head quarterts, or on your PC in the boardroom with the Directors. Share the reports, trends or pending items you want using the export feature, or give a view access to other new members. Save telecom invoice data on one machine, and remit to finance department from another machine.


And that's just for starters. Our multi-tenant true-SaaS architecture harnesses the potential of the cloud to provide robustness, scalability and security.

IT & Telecom Value Drivers

By making commitments to deliver some of these six benefits, an IT, admin, network or telecom department can notably increase the impact of its contribution.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Maintain IT costs below those of competitors and below industry benchmarks.
  • Consistently improve cost metrics.
  • Prioritize investments to optimize strategic relevance and differentiated capabilities; reduce investment in other activities.


  • Reliably meet or exceed established levels of business service.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory, security, privacy, and risk policies


  • Maintain effective service delivery with a high level of transparency and engagement with internal clients.
  • Anticipate and prepare for changes in internal demand, through intimacy with other parts of the enterprise.
  • Continually broaden and deepen knowledge of business needs and priorities.


  • Establish and manage effective partnerships and contractual arrangements with technology and service providers.
  • Leverage these partnerships to extend capabilities and support the delivery of business needs.


  • Maintain the ability to change services rapidly—scaling them up or down, executing new initiatives, integrating new acquisitions, etc.


  • Develop new business products and services that relate to the organization’s purpose.
  • Be an early adopter of innovative technologies that support business agendas.


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