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ExpenseBuzz helps you to easily organize, collate and identify your companies’ telecom inventories across all your locations, departments, cost centers. Some of the excerpts of testimonials are provided to our company Intellibuzz from various industries, like Banking and Financial Services, Hospitality, Tours & Travels, Insurance exchanges, Marketing firms and Realty Construction companies among others.

In a year of our continued engagement with you which I plan to keep on rolling, I’d like to mention that you did a great job and have wonderful people working with you!

During the Telecom Refunds & Recoveries project which consisted of processing Invoices every month for our wireless and fixed line inventories across the locations, you have provided us with great actionable reports and insights. Your research tools are very handy to use and give a wealth of information to file for dispute, by building a billing collateral, and systematically approaching them to recover the refunds.

The discrepancy reports from your software are also very useful in projecting and analyzing spend, refunds, and savings.

Samir Barve, Vice President, Finance. HDFC Ergo General Insurance

I'd like to thank you for the communications expense for our Hotel Courtyard Marriott that you guys helped manage and reduce.

Your Telecom Expense Management service is very thorough and the strategies on contract pricing and optimization are very helpful. I certainly received a great value; coming from the Finance side, I can tell you that achieving 53% of recurring savings in a single category is not common.

For a global hospitality company like ours, which has international world-class standards of operation, you guys made sure that I was relieved to focus on my other priorities while you [with the help of ExpenseBuzz.com] took over the auditing of my telecom inventory month on month diligently verifying each call pattern not just using your automated tools, but also your team’s domain and analytical expertise.

Mr. Chokka M, Director, Marriott Hotels

I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of the information [generated by centralizing our telecom spend]. I would recommend that anyone working on a optimizing telecom and needing a communications solution in a corporate would gain tremendous insight from Intellibuzz [and ExpenseBuzz.com] to make an informed decision and have a controlled spend on their assets and service inventory.

Nitin Karkote, Administration Manager, Brand Marketing India,

My team and I have gained a wealth of relevant information from our interactions and meetings. I would like to appreciate your patience in professionally taking us through the entire project and systematically providing us with reports, results & certification!

All delivered services assisted our company with making proper and appropriate decisions. I have certainly referred and recommended your services.

Mr. Indranil Ghosh, Director of Finance, Marriott Hotel [ICC Realty]

On behalf of our CFO and Financial team, I would like to appreciate the intensive focus you put on expense part of Wireline telecom inventory for our Hotel while conducting the Telecom Expense Management project here.

I'd like to say that your company Intellibuzz provides a unique service to the industry and makes inventory gathering and auditing a simple process with your years of experience in the telecom expense domain and your advanced technology platform ExpenseBuzz.

The domain experts provide very detailed reports & supporting documentation that you're not likely to easily find elsewhere.

On behalf of Mr. Dharam Reshamwalla, Director of Finance, JW Marriott & Area Director Marriott Hotels

I would recommend that anyone working on a TEM solution gain insight from Intellibuzz to make an informed decision while procuring and managing communications expense.

All delivered services assisted our company with making proper and appropriate decisions, including for newer procurement. The domain experts provide very detailed reports & supporting documentation that you're not likely to easily find elsewhere.

Mr. R. Chandrashekhar, Director of Finance, Renaissance Hotels

It is really a remarkable job to get the program actually add value as a way of realizing the value of our telecom inventory assets using your advance analytical tools and web software.

I recommend that every mid-market to enterprise level Indian company should take advantage of Telecom Expense Management solution offered by Intellibuzz.

The cost optimization measures undertaken have saved our company a lot of money--and it will continue to do so in the future. I would like to appreciate your passion for what you do, which is evident in every call, meeting and email. Your services are always reliable, professional and your team was a real pleasure to work with.

Mr. Sunil Kumar, Managing Director, Saltours International

As you collected our inventory from multiple sites, we guys came up with a number of strategies to start with, which we modified on the fly as we gathered more information about my company’s particular situation.

My administrative team always came away from the conversations with a number of viable ideas, tailored to our organization’s circumstance. You had actionable recommendations that showed a clear improvement with savings starting to reflect in a quarter.

The education and knowledge generated using your web-based Telecom Expense Management app [ExpenseBuzz.com] was instrumental

Regular reporting methodology, your support availability, and intense customer focus is surely a delight for the customer

I gladly recommend having Intellibuzz as partners, and ExpenseBuzz.com as the tool, for cost optimization measures for Indian corporate.

Mr. G. R. Rao, Managing Director, Sharepro Services

Little extras like clearing up obsolete names on invoices, etc. helped me streamline on my other tasks while you guys passionately executed your program. Intellibuzz telecom domain expertise and cost saving approach gave us a 300% return on investment... you really know how to get results, using your online tool.

I'd recommend Intellibuzz [and ExpenseBuzz.com] for any company in order to get their telecom environment audited and the expenses cut by a third! Leave it to the experts, and you can be sure that at the end of the project you have a high-value low-cost service contracts from the carriers.

Mr. Wency Periera, Senior Vice President, WHPL

Your Telecom Expense Management program, although took a bit longer than usual, fulfilled its promised of Cost Reduction; to put it in perspective you gave us a Savings of 38% with an ROI of 233% in wired line category is commendable.

I’ve recommended your services to some of my contacts who can avail advantage of the systematic method of reducing spend, through your software and domain experts, and also to evaluate various confusing offers from telecom service providers.

Mr. Neeraj Goel, Vice President, Oberoi Hotels, Finance [West]


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