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Reduce recurring expenses on your landline, mobile, IT & internet, every day.

  • Easily centralize & organize global telecom & IT inventory
  • Efficiently track & optimize recurring spend
  • Negotiate favorable contracts, pay accurately
  • Grow with a fully web-based, secure SAAS system
  • Achieve Operational & Financial excellence
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Benefits for Enterprise Departments

Board & Management

  • Manage for Value - ExpenseBuzz platform delivers value even beyond hard cash savings, refunds and recoveries, so that the drumbeat of distressing news - like the fiscal cliff - are converted to cheers of growth and success for your company
  • Ride out a cash crunch, stave off competition & resist the menacing economic gloom. The economy might be scary, but with ExpenseBuzz.com, smart companies like yours can still dominate - short term & long term

Finance & Accounts

  • A CFO's job isn't just about the balance sheet; gain deeper visibility & clearer picture of your company's 5th largest recurring spend - communications - to achieve the best possible return on investment on your company's telecom and IT services
  • Excel in the often overlooked side of the job; telecom expenditure optimization across all your departments, locations, cost centers, assets and subscriptions - save continuously & significantly.
  • Be more than a finance jedi - A master of numbers; juggle conflicting imperatives; manage working capital (save cash!); invest for the future with your extra profit popping on that sheet

Technology & Solutions

  • Mitigate your risks with a solid cloud based web-app and robust multi-tenant architecture; ExpenseBuzz knows that communications infrastructure is your company's strategic asset, it help you securely & optimally manage all aspects of it
  • Pay-as-you-go SaaS offering means that there is no hardware for you to install, no software to download, no contracts to sign - only thing you sign up for is to improve your team's financial and operational efficiency for a low monthly subscription fee
  • ExpenseBuzz.com would be one of your most wisely - and widely - implemented cost saving decision for your company - seize the opportunity to drive the technological initiative

Sourcing & Procurement

  • Add a new telecom fixed or wireless connection into ExpenseBuzz platform, and suddenly it's clear. You precisely know where and how much of that asset or service is exactly needed in your company from this vendor
  • Innovative insights into your past procurements, (like age on network), and actionable reports on your current tariffs, enables you to optimize the strategic sourcing process
  • Optimally fulfill that specific business need and curb that haphazard over-procurement, while being the most responsive to changing dynamics of your company's telecom estate.


  • From AMC of an on-premise EPABX to the number of scattered handsets, track your inventory changes easily and resolve that fault quickly across your fixed and wireless telecom environment
  • Process puzzling charges on that invoice with confidence, authority and clarity. Spot the variation in your routine usage pattern be it a spike or a dip!
  • Comprehensive view into the detailed aspects of your telecom environment makes you the telecom jedi - to easily identify and map every expense and make the organization run smooth - financially and operationally


  • Use the most tangible means to approve and validate the charges on vendor invoices, a gift to your finance department to remit the perfect payment - within time, with efficiency, without oversight
  • Bring together your dynamic group of admin managers working across your organization locations to navigate through the charge components of spends & inventories with insight and focus
  • Achieve your KRA/KPI of driving efficiency and productivity in your telecom environment by easily gathering all your scattered spend across your fixed and wireless telecom environment into a shared always up-to-date centrally repository

IT, Systems, Network

  • Effectively plan your policies and strategies for Information & Communications Technology [ICT], Internet access & digital applications
  • Organize and structure your ICT components like fixed & mobile broadband, bandwidth, 3g, MPLS or VPN for ubiquity, affordability, reliability or speed, with easy tools from ExpenseBuzz.com
  • Get a grip on your economically and geographically dispersed connections, so that usability is not only measured, but elevated - leveraging telecom management best practices

Human Resource

  • ExpenseBuzz has everything you need to manage the assets allocated to your most important assets - your employees. Easily manage allocation - or deallocation - and map items like data cards, tablets, laptops, mobiles, plan rates, reimbursements.
  • Let them bring their own devices - with ExpenseBuzz.com, a device is always mapped to not just that joining or departing employee, but also to his base location. Easily report to the telecom team any lost, stolen or fun device!
  • Brings you closer to your admin team, and helps you efficiently devise the wireless policy with automation, speed & fun - & execute the policy with glaring focus, effectiveness and thrift.

What is Telecom value management?

  • Centralize your telecom & IT assets and services on a single version of truth
  • Efficiently track moves, adds, changes and disconnects across organisation locations
  • Smoothen business continuity & reduce downtime of faults quickly; Baseline inventory items

Identify opportunities for savings.

  • Budget, track and regularly process your monthly invoices accurately; Get alerts for contract expiry or payment due dates
  • Audit and demystify the complicated vendor invoices; Obtain Telecom Refunds & Recoveries
  • Take informed financial & operational decisions based on variety of summary reports or gain detailed visibility into your telecom environment

Keep a tight leash on Finances.
  • Design and enforce an effective organisational wireless or BYOD policy based on your spend-trend
  • Track, rotate and reuse company-owned mobile devices, laptops, company-paid SIM cards or subsriptions across organization
  • Optimise and centrally negotiate favorable wireless tariff plans with your service provider

Reduce the Cost of Freedom.


Benefits for Industry

Banking & Financial Services

A financial-services company must shift its design and operations to become more consumer-oriented. This requires intensive collaboration between the business leaders and the telecom department to make sure the back office can do everything the front office needs.

Retail banks have to differentiate themselves in several ways: financial management, human capital management, risk management, operations, IT infrastructure, and acquisition and integration. New capabilities not only ensures increased bottom-line, but also helps in generating additional funds by wringing costs out of the operation.

Insurances & Exchanges

Wealth management firms must distinguish themselves by using emerging technologies to enhance the client experience. Many firms struggling with top-line revenue growth and increased regulatory costs should invest in this critical capability for long term gains.

New information and telecom technologies that have been slowly developing (for example, tablet computers with rich interfaces and new displays, online tools that can help firms gain client insights from a trove of unstructured data, powerful 4G networks, and public and private clouds) have reached a tipping point, allowing firms to run their operations and engage with clients in innovative and more efficient ways.

Hospitality & Hotels

Most luxury hotels must also generate revenue from the telecom and data services extended to its guest. The telecom and IT department must work in tandem to negotiate best deals on the available market floor rate plans, and have a central place to update inventory.

Construction & Realty

Multiple construction sites have large groups of contractors, while under development. Mobile fleet is huge, ordering process needs to be structured.

At the launch phase, telecom asset and inventory procurement decisions should be made rather systematically rather than haphazardly for residential/office or service apartments.

Tours & Travels

Tours and Travel industry have to keep up with the ever changing inventory both in terms of bandwidth and devices. More so, for curtailing international roaming, which is a big expense on the sheet, several roaming tariff plans need to be compared and changed. The frequently changing contracts with small vendors who sell specialised solutions target customers of Tours and Travel operators as well as the staff.

Due to the nature of the industry, they need a central place to update the inventory, rotate the device, refill the pre-paid [pay as you go] card and manage the reimbursements for optimizing the expenses.

Logistics & Transport

The most important capability for logistics continues to be optimizing operations for greater profitability. They have to get the fundamentals right: creating new vehicles that the market wants, aligning supply with demand, and investing smartly in new informations and communications technology. Developing agile response systems deep in a supply chain is very difficult but unavoidable.

Retail Chains

A large discount retail chain maintains a single simple, consistent IT & Telcom system for all orders, tracking expenses closely and increasing investment only in those few areas that affect its critical capabilities (such as optimal customer service).

A high end retailer creates its own distinctive combination of online ambience and retail storage design, symbolized by its roving salespeople with roving mobile checkout devices. People frequently return to its stores to see what new type of computer or telecom-based service has been introduced.


Healthcare providers — hospitals, clinics, and medical services groups — make up the sector in which most costs are determined and incurred. Thus, working with payors, providers need to build a new kind of cost reduction capability for the industry's long-term fiscal health. Cut Costs, Strengthen Segmenting.

Investment in next-generation IT and digital telecom systems, like telemedicine, will continue, until most diagnoses, procedures, and results have been codified and an infrastructure for information exchange established. System-level coherence — with shared incentives and seamless interactivity among providers, payors, and patients — will be more valuable than ever before.


Going forward, pharma companies will need to focus on building distinctive new capabilities systems for taking products to market. The success of these new models depends on the management of new partnerships with specialist third-party service providers (for example, to provide logistics services for DTP [direct-to-pharmacy] or to operate loyalty card programs) as well as close collaboration among product supply, marketing, and commercial trade functions. All this demands a robust and scalable communications infrastructure.

FMCG/Consumer Product

A consumer products company is continually on the prowl for ways to smooth its supply chain and provide better customer service and social media engagement. The IT & Telecom admin department turns on a dime, so that employees always have new tools and opportunities to learn how to use them.

Shopper marketing is a term given to efforts to engage with and influence consumers at the time of purchase. These include connected in-store shelf displays, digital kiosks, shopping list apps, and e-coupons — all of which generate digital data that marketers can use to further refine their pitches.

InfoTech and IT Services

For IT service providers, the broader the portfolio, the higher the growth and profitability. Companies offering such specialised services as customer analytics, digital marketing, campaign management, billing services, sales-force automation, social network integration, supply chain logistics, and e-procurement need tailored, industry-specific technological solutions that work across functions.

They must learn to work collaboratively with customers to build industry-specific solutions that can scale across corporate boundaries. They must provide the security and reliability that no one else can, especially across the span of a supply chain.


The combined trends of cloud computing, connectivity, and big data analytics are forcing process outsourcing companies, and their customers, to rethink their established ways of doing business.

BPOs and KPOs must get even better at understanding how each industry vertical conducts its business, where to find opportunities to drive value, and how emerging technologies can help solve the specific challenges each industry vertical faces.

A outbound or inbound business processing outsourcing firm must shift its design and operations to become more client-oriented. This requires intensive collaboration between the customer service representatives, project leaders, field staff and the telecom department to make sure the back office can do everything the front office needs.

Industrial & Manufacturers

A multinational industrial manufacturer depends on fine-tuned robotics and logistics applications that require intensive, world-class operational excellence.

This is a perfect moment for industrials companies — the companies that make and maintain heavy machinery, construction and building components and equipment, energy products such as turbines and windmills, and similar products — to invest in developing distinctive capabilities like product management.

Multinationals [MNC]

A global automotive company has innovation and manufacturing sites on several continents, and needs expert IT services in all those locations, sourced and coordinated by the digital IT function.

Its capabilities in back-end supply chain management, merchandising, customer relationship management, and technological innovation all fit together, enabling an MNC to be a trusted, attractive, reliable hub for products and services around the world.


Governments are using digital technologies to reinvent how they operate, complete with New Economy acronyms like G2G, G2C, and G2B.

E-Government can be as simple as renewing driver's licenses online, as complex as supporting the growth of high-tech industries. Around the globe, e-Government is changing how public agencies serve citizens. A big challenge is to find the right mix of online, telephone, and in-person delivery channels, and when found, to manage it centrally and disparately.

Similarly, Public agencies and public sector companies are using e-Government to work more closely with private and volunteer sectors. Lower costs and service enhancements are obvious metrics to measure success. They need to consider the benefit of a digital connection between the governed and the government.


Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can find themselves between a rock and a hard place when negotiating with multiple communications carriers, attempting to maintain service levels and manage their telecom expenses

Survey reveals Catch-22 for small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses (SMBs) needing to manage network service levels, inventory and spend.

  • There are lots of disparate invoices for SMBs to process, audit and analyze
  • SMBs increasingly are working with more service providers.
  • A substantial number of SMBs suspect they might not be getting the biggest bang for their telecom buck.
  • Wireless spend has caught up with wireline spend. And both expenses are substantially rising
  • Relatively few SMBs use automated tools for expense tracking and management.
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